Adopt a Georgia Dog/Cat


The Famous 500 Program  in 2012

Prestigious Pet Transportation  is aware of the overwhelming issue of hundreds of animals being fostered by rescue groups, held in local kill animal shelters and humane societies in the state of Georgia.   Georgia has very relaxed animals laws and no law regarding mandatory spay/neuter at this time.   

This year Prestigious Pet Transportation would like to move 500 Atlanta homeless pets to new homes across the United States.  We will contribute up to $150.00 toward adoption fees to local Shelters for anyone out of state wanting to adopt a Georgia dog or cat.   We are an elite private transportation service and will reduce our transportation fees to accommodate this worthy campaign.   Listed below are the requirements to qualify for our Famous 500 Program.

  • Adopt from any Atlanta area, Non-Profit Animal Rescue, Animal Shelter or Humane Society
  • Submit a copy of your approved application from that rescue organization
  • You must live out of the State of Georgia and be able to provide a loving home
  • Contract  Prestigious Pet Transportation for your pet relocation

Animals give us so much back and ask so little in return.  They are man’s best friend, a child’s most cherished memory, a gifted talent for working and a loyal companion to all.  They are the unconditional love we all seek.  Our pets enrich our lives with their warmth, playful attitudes and sweet faces.    Our task is simple, move a loving pet to a loving family.  At the same time, we are helping Atlanta’s precious pets find homes across the United States.  visit our website to find out the details.   Your paws are in good hands.

Based out of Atlanta, serving Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, New York,  New Jersey, Chicago, California, Texas and the entire United States.