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#1 Choice for Dog Transportation - Long Distance |

Pet Traveling Fatigue?

Just like you get road weary, your pet can as well. When traveling over long distances and through different time zones, your pet can get yawner, cooped up, stressed, nervous, and restless. Of course, because you’re having to drive a vehicle, you can’t always give your pet the attention it needs in order to be comfortable.

If you’re planning to move your pet over a long distance, you should really enlist the services of a professional pet traveling company like Prestigious Pet Transportation. They will place your pet in a spacious SUV or van where a full-time caretaker will sit with it, love it, play with it, give it bottled water, and even feed it treats. Your animal will be exercised and 24/7 veterinary access is available the entire trip.

What to Know When Traveling With Pets

There are few good rules to remember when traveling with pets in order to ensure you and your furry friends remain safe.

  1. Secure Your Pet –People have the tendency to drive around with their dog sitting in the passenger seat, which is nice for a Sunday drive around the neighborhood, but when you’re going over long distances and down Interstates, you need to make sure your dog is crated and secured so that it isn’t bothering you and distracting you as you drive. Also, in case of an accident, a crate will help ensure your dogs safety much in the same way a seat belt ensures yours. If you are traveling with a cat, your frisky feline friend can be very skittish, especially inside cats, so it’s important to get a cat carrier.
  2. Comfort – When traveling with pets, you need to make sure your animal has access to food and water. You also need to make sure to make frequent stops in order to allow your animal to go to the bathroom.
  3. Vetted – Traveling can be stressful for your pet and that stress can affect your animal’s immune system, so it’s important to make sure your pet is up to date with all of its shots. Even if it is, it’s good to get a quick checkup at the vet before embarking on a long trip, especially if your animal gets overly nervous during long car rides. Your doctor may suggest a short term medication to help your animal deal with the stress.

Sometimes, pet owners are not able to take the above precautions when traveling with pets. Perhaps you don’t have enough room for a crate or carrier in your vehicle. Whatever the reason, check out Prestigious Pet Transportation. They will ensure your animal is safe, entertained, exercised, and has the full-time attention from our trained caretakers. You, on the other hand, will enjoy knowing your pet is safe and sound and will be there to greet you at your end location.