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Pet Transportation - To Fly or Not To Fly? |

Pet Transportation – To Fly or Not to Fly?

Most people don’t even think twice when it comes to flying their pet when they move or travel.  Flying can be fatal for pets.  Think carefully of all your options before moving your pet.   Recently Yahoo had an alarming article regarding dangers for shipping pets on Airlines.  It was shocking and sad at the same time.  So many animals are flown and no one really hears about the statistics of how many live or dies in the process.   The general public simply waits for reports to come out and you never really know how accurate they are.  The bottom line is this, if a company is not designed to move animals completely safe, they just should not offer it as an option.  Taking chances with your beloved pet’s life is just not acceptable. 

When you choose a pet shipping company, they should be able to provide a safe, secure healthy environment designed to accommodate animals.  As a pet owner, you need to not let the all mighty dollar be the determining factor of how you move your pet. The Humane Society recommends not transporting pets by air unless absolutely necessary. 

 Average cost for pet air travel;

  • current vet certificates ($55.00 office visit  plus $ 25.00 for the certificate per animal)
  • airline  approved crates  (150.00 – 450.00) per animal depending on size
  • ticket for the trip ($350.00  -  $500.00 average)
  • extras fees and charges ($150.00)


  • the temperature for the entire trip crosses areas of extreme heat or extreme cold. Most airlines have cut off dates for flying pets.  They just won’t fly them all year because they know of the dangers of death.
  • your pet has medical problems , congenital defects, immune issues, nervousness
  • your pet is too young:  young pets get scared and stressed and this kills
  • your pet is too old:  change is not good for the older dog, they get nervous and stressed
  • the length of the trip is too long:  This again is time away from the comfort of their owners, they stress, and this sets off a chain reaction of respiratory issues, ability to regulate body temperature, dehydration and death.
  • your animal falls under the category of “snub –nose breeds”:  They simply can’t breathe well in the bottom of planes. Inconsistent temperature and air pressure, thinning air all contribute to these precious pets being able to breathe. Most airlines have banned them completely due to the impossible conditions for these types of breeds and death

As airlines struggle with this situation United Airlines announced that, starting in March, the carrier and its subsidiaries will only transport pet as “cargo” rather than checked luggage. The third-party fees are astronomical.

 If you find yourself in a situation where you simply cannot move your pet yourself, choose a private pet ground door to door transportation service.  Pet moving companies are designed just for that, “moving your pet”.  There are safer, less stressful, and much more aware of your pet’s condition.  That’s what they do.  The expense is an average of $1.00 per loaded mile.  It might seem high but with the increasing gas prices across the United Sates it’s reasonable.  Also if you have more than one pet, many times private ground pet companies will not charge you per animal as the private transport is yours.  No vet certificates are need and they usually provide the crates, water and supplies, so there again you save money

Private pet transportation is the ultimate way to move your pet.  They will have skilled drivers/pet handlers that love an adore animals and will safely ease on down the road with your beloved pet to its destination.  When you compare the fees of pet travel, especially if you have more than one, private ground door to door service is not much more.  

For more information on private ground door to door pet relocation visit www.prestigiouspettransportation.com .  your paws are in good hands.


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