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Share The Ride - People and Pets |

People and Pet’s – Share The Ride

Moving You and Your Beloved Pet Together

Move Your Entire Pet Family Together

Can We Move Together?

Many times we find ourselves in a situation where we have to move and our pets have to take a different route.  Air travel for pets is just dangerous and a risk that most pet owners really don’t want to take.  Group transports can be affordable but your beloved pet is put in the back of a van with many other pets in crates, unattended as they zigzag across the country taking days even weeks to get to their destination.  Private pet moving companies are the best way but they don’t come cheap.  So what other choices do you have? 

Prestigious Pet Transportation sympathizes with the agonizing decision of moving without your pet and after many phone calls for such situations is now offering a “shared ride” for you and your pet.  It’s your private ride.  They will pick you and your pet family up at your door and you are welcome to travel with them.  Now this is a courageous journey.  It’s a non-stop trip and our drivers tag team to get you where you need to be. They stop for pet breaks and fuel and that’s about it.  You save air fare, extra luggage costs, surcharges, car rentals, vet certificates, kennel cough shots, expensive airline approved crates and a lot more.  You also get the convenience of door to door pick up and drop off.  You do have an option for a layover if you are traveling across  the country  although that will cost a bit more, but you never leave your pets side.   It’s an adventure for you and your beloved pets, together. 

Prestigious Pet Transportation is making moving your pet as convenient, safe and an  stress free as possible for you and your furry family.   Call our office today for details.