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Moving with Pets |

Entertainment Helps when Moving with Pets

Dog Transportation

Dog Transportation

Moving with pets can be very much like traveling with young children. They both get easily bored during long trips. Entertainment helps to keep pets moving occupied throughout the trip.

Experience counts a lot in knowing how to keep pets entertained. Prestigious Pet Transportation is composed of personnel who have a long and extensive experience in veterinary assistance, pet grooming and animal rescue. You have the advantage of all these when you ship your pets with us. We also maintain 24/7 veterinary services on call so your pet is not only entertained but also stays healthy every step of the way.

Keep pets moving occupied during a trip

Make sure your pet is comfortable. Bring along your pet’s bed or crate so your pet will have something familiar to stay in. The pet will feel more secure in its own crate and it will be safer for you. If you don’t have a crate, bring along an old sweatshirt and let your pet rest on it. Take along your pet’s favorite blanket as well.

Bring along some toys and treats. Take as many of your pet’s toys as you can when you’re moving with pets. Buy one or two new ones to arouse their curiosity. If your dog has a hollow chewy toy, fill it with some treats as a new challenge.

Take regular breaks. Every two hours or so take a breather. Aside from a bathroom break, this time-out is a good way to exercise pets moving on long car trips. Go on a brisk walk or run with your pet for about half an hour. This should help tire out your pet and keep it quiet during the trip.

Chat up your pet. When moving with pets, sounds are a good way to keep both you and your pet alert. Talk to your pet and call it by name often. Your pet will find the sound of your voice reassuring and help it stay calm. To give your voice a rest, turn on some music. Many pets find it as soothing as we humans do.

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is one of the main objectives of Prestigious Pet Transportation. You will be at peace knowing there is a full-time caretaker in the back of one of spacious SUVs or vans playing with your pet, showering it with love, and giving it all the attention it deserves. You worry about the road, we’ll worry about your pet.