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Sept 2013 Lubbock, TX to San Diego, CA


Prestigious Pet Transportations is honored to escort this beautiful German Shepherd to San Diego for Coastal German Shepherd Rescue San Diego http://www.coastalgsrsd.org/    These sweet dogs are on their way to the west coast in style.   Adam and Rodrick will be at their side the entire way, making sure they have a stress free ride.  So many [...]

Sept 2013 Marshfield, MA to Tiburon, CA


Adam and Rodrick were the proud escorts of our two very important pet travelers.   This relaxed pair of poodles enjoyed a stress free ride snuggled up in their own pet beds and blankets in our beautiful luxury minivan for their non-stop trip across the United States.  Adam and Rodrick kept their owner posted as to the [...]

Aug 2013 Sharpsburg, GA to Amagansett, NY

Helena's Barabellas Golden Retriever

This adorable Golden Retriever pup named Baci is headed to NY.  Prestigious Pet Transportation is taking this special bundle of joy non-stop in our luxury minivan with all the comforts of home.  Adam and Michael will within arms reach always providing comfort and support so this sweet pup can make the transition from mom and [...]

Aug 2013 New York , NY to West Palm Beach, FL

Prestigious Pet Transportation

It just doesn’t get any better than this.  Pet travel can be a wonderful experience for you and your beloved pet in the hands of professionals.  Prestigious Pet Transportation is working harder to provide the highest quality of pet transportation and peace of mind for you.  Cell phones are in all our transports and your [...]

Aug 2013 Surf City, NJ to Miami FL

Prestigious Pet Transportation

Dexter enjoys a first class ride to Miami.  Dexter is one of our Snow Bird pet travelers.  These non-stop direct trips make the trip in about 24 hours or less.  It is our pleasure to be of service for these traveling pups that enjoy the their winters in the sunny south.  We make it easy with our [...]

Aug 2013 Fishtail MT to New York, NY

Prestigious Pet Transporation

What a sweet dog. Maverick is a repeat traveler with us.  He is coming from the mountains of beautiful Fishtail Montana to the heart of New York.  This season pet traveler enjoys a non-stop trip home.   Prestigious Pet Transportation is working hard to provide your pet with the very best travel experience.  Summer travel for your [...]

Aug 2013 Long Island NY to Arizona

Prestigious Pet Transportation

Hi Sunny:  Attached is a picture of Mike, John and Jake. Again thanks so much for all your help and preparing for our journey to Arizona. Below is my testimony of the trip.  Take good care and again thanks!  Patty  Prestigious Pets came on time on July 23rd at 7:00 am. Our drivers Mike and [...]

Aug 2013 Olive Branch, MS to Magalia, CA

Share the ride can be fun.  Jimmy and Cassie enjoyed a non-stop trip to CA.  Kendall and Adrian were their trusted driving team.  The trip took about 36 hours.  We love what we do and Cassie had her trusted owner at her side the whole time.   We have really perfected the way we move cats.  [...]

Aug 2013 Middlebury, IN to Woodbridge VA

What a sweet tiny baby riding first class with Prestigious Pet Transportation.  This sweet American Water Spaniel is going stress free to his new home in Woodbridge, VA.   Transporting puppies can be tricky.  They are leaving the warmth and security of their mother and litter mates to a new home.  The separation can really put [...]

Aug 2013 West Hartford, CT to Leeds, AL

Prestigious Pet Transportation

What a GREAT! way to ship your dog.  This first class service is the only way to travel for your beloved pet.  Prestigious Pet Transportation is a fast non-stop private ride for your pet.  This luxury pet transportation service provides a stress free way to move your pet.  Trusted professional drivers will never leave your pets [...]