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#1 Choice for Dog Transportation - Frequently Asked Questions |

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Prestigious Pet Transportation? 

We are experienced, reliable with your animal’s welfare as our main objective.  We help eliminate any concerns you may have about your pet moving needs.

How many drivers/caregivers will be with my pet(s)? 

You will always have two drivers to each team.  This ensures a timely, safe, straight-through driving, plus your pet will always have the undivided attention of the passenger caregiver.

How does the payment work? 

We accept all major credit cards.  We will require half the amount of the service up front.  We will receive the balance just prior to pick-up of your pets.

How do I receive a quote? 

Go to our Quote page and complete the information in its entirety so we will have all information necessary to prepare you an accurate quote.

What kind of vehicle will my pet travel in? 

Luxury SUV or a mini van

Will I be able to communicate with the drivers throughout the transport? 

Yes, you will be given the driver’s mobile number to remain in contact during the pet relocation.

Can you transport pets other than cats or dogs? 

Yes, we will transport most household pets if possible.

How do I know my pet will be treated well? 

We pride ourselves on hiring top-notch experienced animal handlers.  All our drivers are experienced with the safe transport and care of most household pets.

Do you have an emergency contact for veterinarian care? 

Yes, we have 24/7 veterinarian expertise available for emergencies.

Where will you pick up my pet? 

We will pick up your loved one at your home or wherever necessary.

Do you ship pets by air? 

No.  We provide private ground transportation only.  Pets are safer via ground transport.  Air shipping a pet is not as safe as ground transport, due to cabin pressure and heat factors that sometimes can be an issue with shipping a dog or shipping a cat, especially when it comes to certain breeds of animals.  If you are relocating out of the United States, we can provide you with information for safely shipping your pet.

What if I have a larger breed dog, can you accommodate a larger animal?

Yes, we can provide an area in the vehicle that will allow us to transport a dog of a larger size.

Do you provide crates of all sizes? 

Yes, we will provide crates of various sizes required by the USDA APHIS for pet traveling.  USDA requires that animals must have enough room to be able to turn around and move freely.  Your pet’s comfort and safe travel will be our goal the entire journey.

Are you licensed ? 

Yes, we are licensed and insured according to state law requirements.

Will my pets be travelling with any other animals? 

No.  We only transport one household of pet(s) at a time.  Therefore, no health certificate is required from you.  We do not bulk ship your pet.

I have a cat that is very scared, can you accommodate him? 

Yes.  We will make sure your cat is crated at all times, with a disposable litter box available in the crate.  Studies have shown that cats travel much better closer to the cab of the vehicle.

Will you take pictures of my pet during the trip and send to me? 

Yes.  Our caregivers will keep you updated in any fashion to ensure your peace-of-mind.

If you have a question that we have not answered, please contact us at yourpawsareingoodhands.com or call us at 770-680-1741 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Remember, your paws are in good hands with Prestigious Pet Transportation.  We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you with any pet transportation needs you may have.