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Atlanta Cat Expert – How To Move A Cat

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 Moving a cat can be tricky. If you are relocating then you already have your hands full with movers and packers.  No matter how organized you are it is a stressful situation.   I had a friend once tell me that there are three things in life you will never have all at once; cheap, fast and good.  You might have something cheap and fast but it won’t be good, you might have something fast and good but it won’t be cheap, you might have something cheap and good but it won’t be fast.  There is a lot of truth to that so you might as well accept the things you cannot change and make good decisions and have realistic expectations.

Relocating pets is a hard decision.  Who can you trust with your most vulnerable members of your family?   How do you move your dog, or cat or even more challenging, multiple dogs and cats?  Pet travel only has a few options. 

Air Travel – This is just too scary, and if at all possible, just don’t do it.  Animals have no idea what is going on, or how long they will be in this situation and are just plain scared to death.  Animals painfully endure the flight, noise and isolation.  I realize that sometimes it’s the only choice you have, but if you can, choose another direction.  Don’t let money be your deciding factor.

Group transport – Animal group transportation can be an option.  It’s less expensive but may take a while for your pet to get where you are.   Group transporters travel along like a school bus dropping off and picking up animals across the United States.  Your pet might be in a crate for a few days or a few weeks, but at least it’s better than flying.

Private Transport – Private ground pet transportation is ultimately the best way to move you cat, especially if you have more than one, and most cat lovers do.  Cat lovers seem to have a collection of color when it comes to kitties. Now you have to remember, this is a good, fast service, but it will not be cheap.  Multiple pets make this a truly good decision because most of the time they do not charge per animal.   Private transports usually show up at your door, have the open air crates all prepared with clean disposable litter boxes, attached with no-spill water containers, bedding and if they are any good will have light weight crate covers to give the kitty a sense of invisibility.  Cats seem to think they are invisible if they scrunch up in corner and drop their head low enough.  These luxury rides are designed with your cats in mind and travel quietly and quickly to get them to their new home.   

Whichever route you take, make an informed decision. You are the only voice your pet has so treat them well.

Article by the Atlanta Cat Expert and Prestigious Pet Transportation, Inc.  serving the lower 48 states, New York, California, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Utah Florida and more