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#1 Choice for Cat Transportation - First Class |

Move Cats in Safety and Comfort

A cat carrier or cat kennel is one of the most important items when you own a cat. It becomes essential when you move cats even over short distances like trips to the vet. Because your frisky feline friend can be skittish and jumpy, its always important to secure your cat in a carrier before heading out the door (especially if your kitty is primarily an inside cat).

If you’re moving over longer distances, one of the best ways to move cats is by enlisting the services of a professional cat moving company.

One well-known company – Prestigious Pet Transportation – move cats for you so you don’t have to get stressed out. In fact, you’ll be at peace knowing that your cat is in a nice, spacious SUV or van with a full-time caretaker to play with it, pet it, feed it treats, give it bottled water, and ensure everything is 100% okay health wise.

Making Your Cat Carrier More Comfortable When moving With Cats

Your first task is to pick the right carrier for your cat. Cat carriers are made from a variety of materials such as metal, plastic or wicker. The two types of cat kennels are the hard type and the soft one. Which one suits you best depends upon the distance involved when you move cats. Cat kennels with wheels are also available to make it easier for you when moving with cats over a long distance. If you don’t have to walk far to move cats, you can find a cat carrier with a bag-type strap which you can carry on your shoulder.

To move cats over long distances, there are cat kennels with enough space for food and water. Choose a cat kennel with straps which can be attached to seat belts or trolleys. There are even carriers with climate control for moving with cats on an airplane trip. However, if you’re taking a commercial flight, don’t forget that airlines have specifications for cat kennels which you will have to comply with.

When you’re planning on moving with cats, get a kennel ahead of time. Leave it lying around the house with the door open so the cat can get comfortable with it before the trip.

Prestigious Pet Transportation has the welfare of both your cat and you mind. When you ship your cat with us, you can keep in touch with the drivers all throughout the trip. We maintain 24/7 veterinary service on call so your cat’s health is never neglected. We can help you and your cat make moving a smooth and trouble-free experience.