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Atlanta Cat Expert – Moving A Cat To A New Home

Moving your cat safely

Moving your cat stress free

One of the challenges in cat moving is getting your cat accustomed to its new home. It takes time for a cat to get used to a new environment so moving with a pet to a new place requires a lot of patience on your part.

Moving with a pet to new surroundings

When your cat is moving to a new home, have everything ready for the time you reach your destination. Put the cat in a room with the windows and doors shut. Cats like to roam so moving with your pet cat to a new location requires that you keep the cat secure until you’ve settled down. Make sure the room has enough food, water, a litter basket and the cat’s favorite blanket.

After you’ve unpacked, keep your cat company as often as possible for reassurance. You’re moving with a pet to a strange new place so allow it, when it’s ready, to explore the other parts of the house. Make it easy for the cat by rubbing the cat’s face with a soft cloth. Then, wipe the different parts of the house with this cloth.

Keep your cat indoors for a couple of weeks before allowing it outside. Make sure that your cat has an ID tag or a microchip just in case it strays. Before allowing the cat outdoors, survey the surroundings and make sure there are no stray dogs or other cats around. Do not feed your cat for 12 hours before letting it out. This way, it will readily come when you call it for chow time.Establishing a routine will make moving with a pet cat to a new home as comfortable as possible in a short period of time.

Find Cat Moving Professionals

Finding a professional cat moving service like Prestigious Pet Transportation is your best be for stress free relocation. Prestigious Pet Transportation, for example, will place your feline friend is a spacious SUV or van with a full-time caretaker to shower it with love, treats, bottled water, and entertainment. You’ll rest easy knowing your cat is getting the attention it needs while you take care of the issues at hand. Your cat will also have 24/7 veterinary access if need be to ensure full safety.

Atlanta Cat Expert and Prestigious Pet Transportation, Inc.   www.prestigiouspettransportation.com  Moving cats across the lower 48 United Sates, Texas, New York, Georgia, Virginia, California and more.