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Atlanta Cat Expert. How to stop a cat from biting. |

Atlanta Cat Expert – Cats that bite

How To Re-direct A Cat Bite

How to Re-direct A Cat Bite

How to re-direct a playful kitty who bites. Basically, I think when a kitty bites/wrestles with your hand or arm, your kitty is telling you she wants to PLAY.  Things you should do to change this behavior is actually redirect that energy and activity, instead of discouraging it.  Designate a daily-play-time where you devote an amount of time only to playing with her. 

Use toys that you control and can keep her on the move, practicing her stalking, hunting and pouncing skills.  I like; Cat Dancer fleece ribbons on wands to chase and catch, laser lights to run all over the house and chase and pounce.  Da-Bird feathers on string or wands and soft toys to toss overhead to leap, catch and bite and wrestle with.  Basically, wear her out our precious kitty with chasing, playing, stalking, running, leaping, pouncing and wrestling toys … not letting her use you as a toy.

When she comes to you for petting but you see signs of agitation (the swishing tail, rippling fur and/or dilated eyes) only pet her a few times and then stop.  Doing this prevents over-stimulation, leaves her wanting more attention and prevents you from getting hurt from an over-enthusiastic kitty who wants to play more than she wants to be petted. 

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